How to play Rock Paper Scissors game. Betting rules. How to play?

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Rules for betting in this game, in this article, will take the betting method. Of this game that is used and played in online casino websites. As the main because of online gambling games such as rock-paper-scissors That’s a betting game. That is the rules of playing according to international principles and is the most prevalent. By betting on this game in the online casino website Most of them are gambling at online casinos using the software itself. ทางเข้า UFABET

How to play the rock-paper-scissors game? The website will act and issue prizes, allocating bets between the gamblers, by which the website will receive a service fee or known as the water fee. It is about 5% that the betting of this game on the web will be betting in the form of head-to-head on the web itself, by which the web will create a room for betting, which may have bettors waiting to play.

Paying rate for blowing scissors

  • betting odds per round will be equal to the bet amount in front of the room and if tie will get the bet back
  • The payout ratio is 1:0.97 (If bet 100 and win, payout is 97).


  • measure our points with each player circle from left to right and then to calculate the winning and losing total
  • The system will automatically calculate by the AI ​​system and add to the capital amount.

In this game one person in a room or a gambler may create a new room to wait for other gamblers to join in and place their bets. Each room has a limit for placing bets. in each round clearly If you are not satisfied with the betting limit for each round Must leave that room to find a room with the desired bet limit. and the time of the room will be set This is usually set at 60 minutes and sets the time for each betting round.

After the gambler’s side has chosen the room that the gambler wants to play in, the gambler on both sides must place a bet and choose a hand symbol that the gambler wants to play.

  • The hammer is a handful of symbols.
  • Scissors are the symbol for the index and middle fingers.
  • Paper is a symbol of open hands.

The conditions for losing and winning are as follows:

  • hammer wins scissors loses paper
  • Scissors wins, paper loses, hammer.
  • paper wins hammer loses scissors