What is blackjack card, how to play, how suitable for Thai people?

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Blackjack is a card that originated from France It is a card that was born during the World War. and has been very popular among the rich. With the name in the original language vingt-et-un (meaning 20 & 1 or 21), the main principle of the cards is Collecting card face points as close to 21 as possible

Despite these things, the game of Blackjack has inherited and modified the rules according to preferences. of each culture until reaching the present

not as difficult as you think Only we Thais Never really knew the rules, that’s all. The main principle of this type of game is “Combining the points of the face cards to be close to 21 and if they exceed 21 points, they will be considered losing immediately”, almost no need to study anything more Because there really is only this in the heart, but we have already mentioned this old-fashioned casino game. We will introduce you in depth. สมัคร UFABET

How to play blackjack Play blackjack online for real money.

blackjack online
Betting Format: Blackjack

First of all, to get to know How to play blackjack We will have to get to know the elements. of this card game before to use to understand the game You must know everything about the game. by the composition of Blackjack online will have 3 parts together, all of which become the way to play.

1. Blackjack points

The playing cards are the general cards that are available in the market. Not different from other games and the points of the cards will be counted as follows

  • Ace is worth 1 or 11 (depending on blackjack rules, e.g. A, 9 in hand is worth 10/20, etc.).
  • Cards 2-10 have the same face value.
  • The J (Jack) card has a point value of 10.
  • The Q (Ma’am) card has a point value of 10.
  • The K (King) card has a point value of 10.

2. Blackjack Vocabulary

  • Blackjack: Refers to getting 21 points from the first 2 cards dealt by the dealer.
  • Hit: Refers to asking for an additional 3rd card in case the player expects the hand to move closer to 21.
  • Stand: means to cross or pass if the player is confident that The card in hand is close to 21 is enough.
  • Double down: According to the blackjack rules. this case means 100% additional payout, can only ask for 1 additional card and must bet on the square line To win what the 3rd card will issue (only in the case of the first 2 cards)
  • Split: occurs when Player gets the first 2 cards of the same number, eg 8 and 8, after that the dealer asks if you want to split? or not, if you spin, you can play 2 sets of cards immediately (only in case of first 2 cards)
  • Surrender: It’s a request to surrender or withdraw, in which case the player will only get 50% or half of the bet back. (Only in the case of the first 2 cards)
  • Insurance: when there is a case The dealer’s first card is Ace. The dealer will automatically ask if you need Insurance? or not, if the player agrees to have to increase the bet by another 50% of the original bet, caused by the card rules that look at the dealer’s card high chance of winning and if the dealer wins Players will receive a refund of their insurance.

3. How to play blackjack

Betting instructions must be introduced first. There are 3 words as follows.

1. CLEAR = cancel bet

2. DEAL = Confirm bet

3. REDUCE = Reduce bet amount

  • In the beginning, the game has 3 betting slots, players can bet more than 1 hand and no time limit for betting.
  • After that, the dealer will deal 1 card to each hand before handing out their own. In total, the player will receive 2 cards each, and the dealer can only have 1 card or may have 1 card face up, 1 card upside down, depending on the camp of each game.
  • If the card that the player received there Still not close to 21 points, players can ask for more cards one hand at a time or one person at a time, alternating respectively. But when the cards come out more than 21 points will be considered lose immediately (The dealer has the right to call the card last)
  • An additional rule of blackjack is that the dealer must call at least 17 points. And if the player gets points from 16 down, it is considered losing the dealer.
  • If the player is satisfied with the number 16 points can request to stop. And waiting for the dealer to get more than 21 points, the player will immediately win