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Chadwick believes Kane is linked to the back of Haaland

Former Manchester United star Luke Chadwick believes Harry Kane will remain at Tottenham following Manchester City’s signing of Erling Haaland. Ken had been in the news with “Blue Sailing Boat” when the summer before But such a deal did not happen. because they are not ready to pay

“Haaland” in the front line – make the boat more brutal.

Leeds United boss Jesse Marsh believes Erling Haaland will become one of the best players in the world and will make Manchester City stronger than ever. Manchester City only announced the signing of Haaland yesterday for a release clause of 60 million euros. March, who

Just 4 more games! “Tuchel” took over after Singha looked tired

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits his players have looked tired in recent games and have made 59 appearances in all competitions this season. They have played 10 games since the international break in March last year. Chelsea have faced disappointment from the game. Wolverhampton which they could only

“James” says he wants “Swans” to win the Champions League

Former Everton and Real Madrid playmaker James Rodriguez has said he wants Liverpool to win the Champions League, the European final of this season as a meeting between the “Reds”. “Six-time champions and 13-time European “White Kings” James , who has won the title twice

Paul Pogba ‘must take pay cut to join Juventus’

Manchester United star Paul Pogba may face a pay cut if he joins Juventus, according to the Italian list Pogba is out of contract with Manchester United on June 30. Will become a free agent immediately if not extended It was previously reported that the

“Manchester United” sweeps his eyes for free agents.

The UFABET reports that Manchester United are looking for a free agent to join the squad this summer. Ralph Rangnick has previously commented that the Red Devils may need to grab up to 10 players this summer. If hoping to return to a top club, United have

Erik ten Hag orders the players to report to pre-season 2 weeks

The UFABET reports that Erik ten Hag has ordered Manchester United players to report earlier than scheduled in pre-season. To prepare for his system of play, the “Red Devils” have made a disappointing performance this season. By which they are already out of the Champions League quota. He also

“Patrice” said the boat was only good for money.

Prepare for the shock for Manchester United fans when former footballer Patrice Evra commented that Manchester City’s success was purely due to money. The Blues just got eliminated in the Champions League last week. Yet again, Pep Guardiola unfortunately missed their top goal. Patrice Evra believes

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