Barja advises Vinicius to look at himself after causing trouble.

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Vinicius Junior caused problems for all teams and exhibited disgusting behavior on the pitch until Osasuna winger Enrique Barja suggested that. Real Madrid’s Brazilian football forward should improve itself first.

Osasuna forward Enrique Barja has claimed that. Real Madrid forward Vinicius Juniors was part of the problem during the Copa del Re final on Saturday. The Brazilian should reconsider after being at the center of the controversy with all the teams he faces. According to reports from Cadena Ser on Tuesday. 

Vinicius faced Osasuna several times during the game. With Barja, Moises Gomez and Jon Mongayola including an attempt to provoke Chimi Avila at half-time. Until causing the behavior of the Brazilian offensive line to be talked about again.

‘He told me it was the worst first half he’s ever had. After all, he wasn’t an expert in that position. And he has world class players in front of him.’ Barja said of Mongayola, who moved to right-back and faced Vinicius in the game.

When asked about Vinicius’ behavior outside of sports.

Barja replied:

‘I think he’s young. Obviously he was fouled a lot and you have to protect the players. And if someone attacked him hard. Then a yellow card or a red card must come out. But he has to understand that he gets fouled a lot because defenders have to stop him in some way. You won’t let him pass. It’s part of the game.’ UFABET

‘He created controversy. And he had to see what he could improve and fix. Because he has problems with every team. If you have problems with all teams Maybe you need to find your own solution.’

Barja was also more specific about the events of the finals. It focuses on talking about Mongayola being taunted by Vinicius throughout the game. 

‘You talk to Mongayola and he tells you that. He talks to him all the time to distract him from the game to provoke him. So you have to watch everything. He is young He still has a lot of room to improve. And I think his team-mates know that too.’

‘He’s very distracted. He acted ugly in front of the crowd. There was a very ugly image of him celebrating in front of Lucas Torro. And I think he needs to be more humble and understand that he is part of the problem.’ 

However, Barja acknowledged Vinicius’ pace as well. Saying ‘I’ve never seen anything like it, maybe Messi. He’s a natural talent’.