Just 4 more games! “Tuchel” took over after Singha looked tired

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits his players have looked tired in recent games and have made

59 appearances in all competitions this season. They have played 10 games since the international break in March last year.

Chelsea have faced disappointment from the game. Wolverhampton which they could only collect one point Despite being the first to lead up to two goals

, Tuchel admits that his team has looked exhausted in the past few games.

“We seem quite exhausted and mentally exhausted. When I saw our game from the sidelines It’s understandable considering the situation at the club as we have to play, it’s tiring but it’s challenging,” he said. the UFABET report

“Then we have an important knockout game that has to be played after the international break. full of feelings which is something to deal with Then we have to immediately compete in the game against 4 teams in the Premier League. It’s quite challenging. We are ready to play many more games. And we can feel it.”

“We have to reach a point where it is still possible. And I think we can do better than the last two games. The good thing is I feel the commitment and the motivation. We are highly motivated to turn the game around. Wolverhampton It’s almost too high for some situations.”