“Patrice” said the boat was only good for money.

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Prepare for the shock for Manchester United fans when former footballer Patrice Evra commented that Manchester City’s success was purely due to money.

The Blues just got eliminated in the Champions League last week. Yet again, Pep Guardiola unfortunately missed their top goal.

Patrice Evra believes his friend Paul Pogba will leave Manchester United this summer as fans are unfairly ‘killing’ the midfielder with their criticism.

, Evra viewed City’s defeat to Real Madrid because there was no leader in the squad. According to the Spanish coach,

“Manchester City needs a leader but Guardiola doesn’t need a leader, he doesn’t want that personality. because he is the leader,” Patrice told UFABET

. So they had no one on the field to help. He chose to use that kind of team and He can’t teach people how to be themselves. He did that at Barcelona, ​​but he built a team to control everyone.”

“When something goes wrong He will always make the decision

“They remind me of PSG, this is a money-based club,” he added,

“Real Madrid spend money but they have a story behind it, Manchester City have money and players move. They play there purely for the money.”

“Of course they’ve won a lot of trophies. But the players chose Manchester City because they offered more money.”