How does black pepper lose weight?

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Black pepper can lose weight because its spicy taste helps break down old fat. That accumulates in the body less cause weight loss Firmer shape

Black pepper for weight loss Because it helps the metabolism system. It will stimulate the stomach to secrete more gastric juice. If the food we eat gets metabolically efficient. The body will not have new fat accumulation. UFABET Therefore making it more difficult for us to become fat.

How to make black pepper for weight loss yourself?

It is usually eaten in the form of capsules, which can be bought in the market. We can also make pepper capsules ourselves. Just take the finely ground black pepper that you can buy from a general pharmacy and fill the empty capsule. Stored in a dry place, not damp.

In addition, eating too much pepper can cause dizziness. dizzy and pus abscesses can occur Due to the hot and dry properties of pepper. If eaten too much, it will cause damage to the spleen, lungs and stomach, causing the lungs to become dry and hot. Resulting in skin abscesses. causing inflammation and easily inflamed eyes. It may also cause swollen throat. It can also cause mouth ulcers.

Therefore, eating pepper should be eaten in moderation and should not be eaten continuously in large quantities for a long time. If you want to eat black pepper for weight loss or lose weight should be used in moderation and reduce sugar starch. Keep exercising together which in addition to not causing harm to the body. It also makes the body strong and healthy as well.