Foods that are high fiber, low in calories.

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Let’s take a look at that. What types of vegetables are ” high fiber, low-calorie foods ” that you need to eat quickly for health and weight control?

1. Famous salad vegetables like celery are well known among girls who take care of their health. Because after eating, your stomach will be full. It’s also high in fiber but low in calories (only 16 calories). It can be eaten fresh in salads, boiled, made into soup, or stewed with other vegetables. It’s delicious, and it can also be boiled and made into tea to drink. UFABET

2. Cucumbers This succulent, high-fiber vegetable. Help reduce cholesterol There are medicinal properties that should not be overlooked. When combined with 16 calories as low as celery. but easier to find See you next salad plate. Or on the food plate, there can’t be a lack of cucumbers.

3. Tomatoes  if you are a woman who takes care of the beauty of your skin. Would not ignore tomatoes by eating them fresh or blending them into tomato juice in a refreshing way. high in dietary fiber And low calories (only 17 calories), but it is recommended to cook it in clear soup or tom yum to get better lycopene nutrients. Because the heat will help dissolve this vitamin out.

4. Asparagus delicious in both salad menus or stir-fried with Thai herbs It’s delicious and full for a long time. Absolutely high fiber diet But the energy received is only 20 calories. If you want to stir fry, add a little more oil. delicious and not fat Is it really interesting?