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     My Observations:
  • No camera is as powerful of a recording device as the human eye and mind. If only we could share what is in our minds as easily as we can share a photograph.
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      The images presented here are ones that I collected and prepared for this webpage mostly before 2004. The compilation and arrangement process was rather tedious and time consuming, so I only posted six galleries here when I first created this page. I got my new camera in June of 2005. In March of 2006 I used Picasa 2.2 to quickly and easily finish with the creation of the galleries to house the best of my older photography. It was so simple and slick, that I may add some more here in the future. For now, you can see some of my more recent photos at my Flickr gallery, a preview of which you can see above.
      This gallery is intended to both help you understand where I'm from and who I am, and to serve as reference material for artistic projects. I like to share. I used a Sony Cybershot 3.3 MP digital camera for several years, and amassed a nice collection of images. I used Irfanview and Photoshop for image editing.
      [The following applies to the first set, with the larger tumbnails:] Note that the thumbnails are cropped to a certain section and represent only a portion of the whole image, especially in the individual galleries. I did this to highlight the similarities between different objects, and to create an interplay of forms and textures. For instance, notice the eyes in the images in the top row. Also notice the similar patterns on the frog and in the algae and rocks in the image below it. For those new to this format, simply click on the thumbnails to activate the display of the full image. If you are using netscape, that window should stay above. If using Internet Explorer, you can close the window and click on the next thumbnail.
      A select few images are available in a larger "wallpaper" format. You may email me to request the inclusion of a favorite image in the wallpaper gallery.

Silmar Photo
Silmar Photo
LandscapesSkyscapesSeeds, Pods, and Berries
landscapes skyscapes Seeds, Pods, and Berries
ArtificialAlteredU of M
Artificial Altered U of M

People[Insects][Other Animals]
People Insects Other Animals
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