My Compositions

"...composition is improvisation, given the benefit of time to reconsider and refine the product."
-John Duarte

=> Read my explanations in the writing section on how and why I write music.

gingerbread man fractal henon set wolfram cellular automaton earthworm series

note: this picture is not actually of my brain
(which is also a fractal)

Favorite Nintendo Music
Midi Collections

=> First, read my thoughts on game music, and discover some exciting uses for game midis in the writing section

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

NES collection size = 541 kb zipped,
3.23 mb unzipped, 209 songs
SNES collection size = 505 kb zipped,
3.05 mb unzipped, 166 songs
    Just in case the file names need clarifying, I have provided a list of all the games included in each collection:

NES games list
SNES games list

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